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About - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are photos on this site for sale?
A. Yes! Just about any photo displayed here can be purchased in various forms. One-time publishing rights, promotional use, and prints are just a few of many ways a photo can be purchased. Prices vary depending on the purchase being made – visit the Contact page to inquire about making a purchase.

Q. What are those gradient straight lines on some of the photos?
A. A supplier that developed negatives and prints in 2003-2004 used a process that produced fine quality prints and negatives – but for some reason, those prints didn’t scan well into digital images. Nobody is really sure why. The quality of the negatives and prints are not affected by this, just scanned digital images.

Q. Does DanLearn.com accept submissions?
A. Sometimes. Photo submissions are not accepted – all photos appearing in the Photos section have been taken by Dan Learn, with photos appearing elsewhere on the site coming from the work of either Dan or a select panel of contributors.

Written submissions are made by Dan Learn and a select group of contributors. User submissions are not accepted for written pieces.

Q. Are there any books available from Dan Learn?
A. Currently there are no works authored by Dan. His work, both photographic and written, has appeared in several dozen magazines, newspapers, industry publications, calendars, but there are no books written exclusively by Dan.

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